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April 12, 2010

Update and events: April 12, 2010

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This week in HineSight:

The weekend of April 16-18 I’ll find out where in Canada I’ll be sent for my first charge as a minister. It could be anywhere. Am I worried about this? Well, ministers are in the faith business after all. I have to trust that I’ll be sent where I have the most to offer and the most to learn. I trust we all find ourselves in such places, always in fact.

Having said that, in church yesterday as we were singing a hymn that goes, “I will go where the spirit leads me,” I found myself thinking, “So long as it stays within a 60 km radius of downtown Toronto.” It’s not that I’m tied to this city, but I am fond of my partner Liz and we’ve decided that, wherever I’m sent for this three year contract, she’s going to stay here so we can keep the house until my younger daughter is through university.

Is this going to work? I figure it will be like every decision we make, it will have good parts and bad parts. The bad parts (in this case, missing Liz, finding ways/times to be together, not having someone to
remind me to change my toothbrush, socks… the list goes on…) are usually easy to spot. The trick is to look for the good parts.

I’ve got a few things coming up in the next two months before I’m shipped off to the wilds to die from loneliness and want of access to fresh pasta… I mean, to take up the service of God, of course. If you come to one of these events, please be sure to say “hi.” And, if you have questions about anything, let me know.

Also, coming soon: I’ll post favorite columns from Metro as requested by readers this past week.

Guest preaching,
April 18
Kimbourne Park United Church

Guest preaching,
May 9
Glebe Road United Church
2 Glebe Rd. East
(South of Eglinton, off Yonge)
11:15 AM

Guest preaching,
May 16
Guest preaching,
Glebe Road United Church
(as above)

Writing Workshop,
Saturday, May 15
University of Toronto
Contact me for time/info

“Writing for her life: writing your way to yourself”

As anyone who has read my book Parting Gifts: notes on loss, love and life will know,
I started writing to help myself recover from depression. I have come to believe that
doing anything creative is healing, nurturing and helps us learn who we are and what
gifts we have to share with the world. In this workshop, I’ll discuss (and we’ll try out)
easy ways to get those creative juices flowing and to use writing to find your own way.

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