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April 10, 2010

A Year in Hinesight

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A Year in Hinesight

A Year in Hinesight
By: Anne Hines
ISBN: 1552783111
Published By: McArthur & Co.

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Many readers will find the ambitious goals Anne Hines sets in A Year in HineSight daunting and quite unrealistic. That’s because the humorist and modern-day philosopher aspires to leading a happily less-than-perfect life–reminding herself what a miraculous being she is for the few things she accomplishes in a day rather than worrying about the ones she may not. The book includes new material and favourite columns from Hines’ contributions to Chatelaine and Canadian Living magazines, among them such hilarious chronicles of everyday life as baseboarding the living room an hour before a holiday open house and dispatching the family’s ill-tempered pet turtles to appear in a friend’s out-of-town theatre production. She copes with her son’s food allergies and laments the plight of mothers gingerly trying to steer their daughters away from unsuitable graduation dresses: “Frankly, these women should not be spending their afternoon negotiating suitable necklines with 12-and-13-year-old girls; they should be out sharing their expertise with career diplomats.” And while Hines’ writing is witty and lighthearted, her message is anything but frivolous: It’s okay not to be perfectly organized, a perfect parent, or a perfect partner–just be content. –Carolyn Leitch

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